@thatonemountaingirl rockin her HEMP IS tee. Get one as a tee tank or crop and in men’s or women’s sizes #marijuanamodels #kushcommon

@thatonemountaingirl  rockin her HEMP IS tee.  Get one as a tee tank or crop and in men's or women's sizes #marijuanamodels #kushcommon2


  • @newsnug I’m a WOman :) I’ve looked at onno and will look again. Would love to at least give the option, but like I said, they are also a lot more expensive (as I’m sure you also know). That has gotten in our way since we have to keep many blanks in stock and purchase in bulk. Have to rely on the hope that ppl would buy them while still giving the option of cotton for those that can’t afford the hemp or want a style besides unisex/men’s tee. Would also love to print on organic cotton instead of regular but probably even less options there than hemp.

  • @marijuanamodels Onno has organic cotton, and bamboo or hemp choices from what I remember. You don’t -have- to sell cotton shirts, you want to because you want to sell shirts. I want to see legalization and the end of prohibition so I only offer hemp. It’s worth the price and if people actually demanded it instead of continuing to use cotton, all the costs would start going down.

  • @newsnug but you were selling cotton for the longest time why haven’t you been selling hemp tees since you started Stoney Sunday? No need to be rude or condescending. I don’t see you *publicly* writing to all the Cannabis brands you get sent promo clothes from about using hemp. I’m trying to survive while doing my part to help bring awareness to this plant and I’m doing the very best I can right now. You don’t know me, my life, or my business and it’s not fair for you to act like you do. As soon as I’m able to sell hemp T-shirts, I will be. Lucky you that you are in a spot to be able to do that now. Bravo.

  • Seriously @newsnug what’s the point of being so rude? She clearly understands and respects the opinions you stated, and also gave you enough respect to say she’d look into what you said. At least she’s doing her part to raise awareness in general instead of quietly hoping for change.

  • @marijuanamodels I haven’t used cotton in a couple years but if asking questions if negative than you’re clearly for the sheep ️ @xo.shannonnichole I’m hoping to bring about change not just sell shirts about it. No negativity, just my opinion. I do ask for hemp and quality from those I work with, I think that’s clear.

  • @marijuanamodels luck didn’t put me here. The more I learned about hemp the more it was obvious as a cannabis advocate I wouldn’t sell cotton shirts. Your goal is to sell shirts so the cheapest makes sense. My goal is actual change so I made one. Wish you success with bringing awareness but it doesn’t do much without showing change.

  • @newsnug Sigh. What are your hemp shirts bringing you, Coral? Money? Your shirts themselves aren’t sending a message to the masses. You aren’t selling millions of tees or enough to make a real impact on the “hemp clothing industry” and if this is how you go about “encouraging” other companies to use hemp then do the plant a favor and get a new technique. Stop telling me what MY goal is. You don’t know anything about me. I’m not working with you currently, nor have I ever wanted to, nor do I ever hope to. I have not reached out to you to send you free promo materials nor to collaborate for the very thing you have shown this evening-you come off as conflictual rather than productive. You bully rather than be an ally. You are like the very trolls you block from your own pages for making rude comments. I need to go to bed now so I can wake up tomorrow and counsel foster children, which is what I do 40+ hours a week on top of doing my best to advocate for Cannabis. Thanks for your not-constructive input and goodnight.

  • @marijuanamodels I’ll always ask better of this industry and community and won’t need to sugar coat it. If you can’t take my questions I doubt how strong your message is to the public. It says advocate in your profile so I thought I simple question about your shirts would be ok. Please don’t accuse me of being an anonymous troll when I clearly and publicly addressed you with my own account?

  • You sound embarrassed that you realized you’re preaching hemp while selling cotton. It’s just silly and no need to be mad at me for pointing it out. I may have been blunt, but trust I’m not the only one noticing your choices.

  • @newsnug I promptly answered your initial question and gave you an honest and straight answer. You continued what could have been a simple, productive conversation by being unnecessarily rude and condescending, which is your reputation within this industry (since you don’t like sugar coating). You aren’t doing this plant any good by being nasty to your fellow advocates. If you would truly like to help humanity I suggest you take a good hard look outside of yourself and try to view the world from another perspective besides your own. Please leave me alone, because just like the “anonymous trolls,” you are continuing to (purposely?) agitate me on MY page.

  • @newsnug if anything I’m embarrassed for you. I answered your question publicly which is where you chose to write it. Your true colors started to come out when you quickly told me what MY intentions were, as if you are me or have even met me.

  • @newsnug But I thought you didn’t sugar coat? Here you are CONTINUING to make assumptions about my intentions from your (apparently privileged) point of view. Keep collecting your customers cash, hopefully some of them will read this conversation so they can see how their fave advocate instigates drama with everyone in the Cannabis industry

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  • @marijuanamodels wait I thought you were done? The Onno shirts have all info at onnotshirts.com, sorry if that wasn’t clear. 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, like you were looking for. I make less per hemp shirt than I would doing cotton, but as I think is clear, it’s something I believe in and am willing to explain to customers.

  • @marijuanamodels I’ve really never cared if people think I’m nice. There are too many nice cannabis loving folks and cannabis is still ILLEGAL. I’d rather advocate and stir the pot to hemp and cannabis use whenever possible. I have made no personal attacks and have even shared this conversation on my Twitter feed, I’m not hiding or embarrassed. This is part of advocacy, asking even our peers to be better.

  • @newsnug the mobile listing for your customers doesn’t state that so I thought it would be good to clarify from the source. Luckily you take 4-6 weeks to print so you can purchase exactly the number your customers order and don’t have to put out any overhead cash for blanks. Hope you can find some 100% hemp shirts to use someday!

  • @marijuanamodels well again, luck didn’t make these choices. My priority isn’t selling shirts, it’s hemp and cannabis, so that’s what my shirts reflect. People that buy them support that cause, instead of just a tee shirt. Good luck figuring it out.

  • @newsnug oh good you’ve chosen to now move the instigating and bullying to a new social media platform! There’s a way to constructively encourage and even “challenge” others and it’s not the way you’ve gone about this tonight or how I’ve witnessed you first hand attack others via social media. I’m not going to publicly respond to you on Twitter because that would clearly give you the attention and drama you crave.

  • @marijuanamodels are you ok? I’m asking why print a hemp info shirt on cotton and you’re kind of freaking out on me? I don’t bully, I’m clear about my point and AGAIN don’t personally attack, I’ve been super focused on just hemp and why it matters. Please figure out why this simple question allows you to unleash so much anger at me personally, it’s pretty bizarre.

  • @newsnug Your t-shirts reflect the self promotion of your you tube channel, the sponsors who pay you, and to “stay high.” They say absolutely nothing about legalizing Cannabis or even the medical benefits of the plant. The only people who know they’re made of hemp (& only 50% at that) are your fans who are willing to fork out $60 to buy a tshirt whose listing doesn’t even tell them what the percent hemp vs cotton is. 100% hemp tees exist-why don’t you use them?

  • @newsnug Don’t pretend like I’ve got some issue. You came on to my page. I answered your question with zero issues and then you were rude and condescending and made assumptions about why I make this clothing in the first place with zero understanding of who I am. You’ve got some serious soul searching and/or mental health work to do. I’m afraid to block you as I think it’ll start you on some new, worse rant on yet another social media platform to your hundreds of thousands of followers.

  • @marijuanamodels I never demanded an answer from you, it’s literally the middle of the night and you expect me to be here to answer your personal attacks because I asked about your shirts? Grow up. Get real. Make the change you want to see. Have a good night, I WONT be responding again. Blaming me for your fear of blocking me is weird, do whatever you want. I made no personal attacks and really just asked you to put your money where your mouth is in terms of what you printed on THIS shirt in particular. I didn’t say your whole line, or whole history. I asked why create a hemp shirt if not on hemp. That doesn’t mean I now owe you hours of my time and immediate responses, learn boundaries and move on.

  • @marijuanamodels you said you hope her followers see this & how she acts. And all I see is you taking it personally when coral was asking why you print on cotton. You later explain why after you felt you had to defend your cotton print while attacking Corals print. All this post showed me is I’m so glad I support Coral & I’m glad I don’t follow & never will support somebody on this page. Because your just full of hate & you couldn’t even take her simple question. And I’m also pointing out (since other feel the need to point out) to me it seems the real bully & aggressor is not @newsnug, also if anything she is the only one sticking up for hemp here.

  • sorry that you’re dealing with this bullshit — it blows my mind when people can’t see when they’re blatantly in the wrong. her condescension was very apparent and many of the points you’ve made are spot the fuck on. i used to be a fan of coral but she pulled some bully shit on someone once before and i was fully disgusted. this certainly doesn’t help. get down with your bad self, @marijuanamodels — and get hemp shirts when your company is able to! in the mean time the message is better than nothing and your passion and dedication to affecting change is appreciated.

  • @a_bigotti take off your blindfold. I don’t want you as a follower if you clearly can’t see that things went sour when she came on my page, telling me that my intentions are to make money when she has no idea who I am, what I do, or how I run my business. She was condescending and rude to me after I honestly answered her question with the unfortunate reasons I have not yet printed on hemp tees. You are probably only here because you saw her ranting about me on Twitter further illustrating her bullying mentality and perhaps the mentality of her followers i.e. you.

  • I’m not going to argue with you( we all have better things to be doing) & I don’t have to explain who I am to you just like you feel you don’t. But I’m just going to say your calling coral a bully when the only person who is acting like a bully is you. You are the one trying to tell me what I am & what my intentions are. I never said I knew who, what or anything about you.

  • @marijuanamodels that escalated quickly… the problem with @newsnug is if she was truly trying to inform her, or if she had any good intentions at all, she would have sent her a DM instead of attacking her on her own social media. If encouraging hemp use was the real goal or writing @marijuanamodels none of us should even be involved in this conversation and none of us would have seen it. She could have educated her on a different way to sell her product if it was possible. Instead she jumped down her throat on comments trying to make her look bad and insult her. I used to be a huge fan too, until last night. Rude as fuck.

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