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Name: Jaiden by birth. Soul Child by nature.
Age: 20
Favorite place to smoke: Hammocks
Favorite type/strain of weed to smoke: Indica – Keep it purple
Favorite Marijuana Dispensary?: Evergreen Alternative Medicine
Years smoked: About five years, but the memory is a bit hazy.
How many times a day do you Medicate: Always. It keeps me centered.
Favorite way to medicate: Agh, this one is so hard. I absolutely love my vape, but joints are my all time favorite. The time that you have to put into rollin’ one up makes the smoke that much better.
Why do you feel Medical Marijuana is important: It is one of the core things that I have seen bring people together in a positive way. Too often I see people coming together only when their is tragedy or some type of massive loss. Marijuana sticks, unlike a tragedy. It is something that you don’t have to let pass on or blow over. We can rely on its properties. I think it is important for so many reasons, and those reasons are constantly in expansion.
White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate, always.
Spicy or Sweet: Spicy.
Water, Juice, Beer, Liquor, or Wine: Mmm. Water.
Favorite Musician: Nino Tempo, a Brazillian Jazz Saxaphonist. Billie Holiday is another vocal musician I am deeply connected too. Can’t forget my girl Lauryn Hill.
Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat eater: Struggling vegetarian!
Favorite Food: Mmm. I absolutely love to cook. My favorite food to eat is garlic rosemary potatoes with red and white onions.
Favorite Movie: Girl, Interrupted.
Favorite Book: Ram Dass, Be Here Now.
Favorite Quote: “Be crazy, for I am insane.”
Who is your role model: Socrates. He was willing to question all of it, and so am I.
What is your greatest accomplishment: Always having the will to question “the world as we know it.” I’ll never settle for “that’s the way it is” or, “this is how it will always be.” We are constantly evolving and finding a new truth. Question what it is you think you know.
How often do you exercise: I make everything I do an activity. So, you could say all the time or never.
Thong, Booty Shorts, or Boxers: Thong, and make it lace.
If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive who would it be?: Socrates.
Favorite color: Green, silly.
Favorite joke?: President Bush.
Where in the world do you live: Washington State.
Memorable moment in your life: My first time at the Oregon Country Fair. I stayed at Zumwalt campground with the most jaw dropping human beings. It isn’t often that you are surrounded by outright love. If you’ve never been, you should go. Keep an open heart and go.
Fun fact about yourself?: My first time doing a spoken word was out of rage when I was 10 years old. I felt so overwhelmed that physical action wouldn’t satisfy me, I had to speak out.
Bio: There are a lot of ways to break down a human being… To analyze and make a judgement on their character. I ask that you break me down in any way you want to; grind me up and make sense of me the best you can. I am forever evolving and finding a new truth to live by. Transform with me, the names Soul Child.
Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans: My heart is singing. Not because you all are paying attention for the moment, but because I’ve been given the opportunity to reach out and shed some love and understanding around the different aspects of marijuana. Our experiences with marijuana are what bond us in this community. I’m honored to have any type of platform where I can share and express the love and passion I’ve got behind marijuana. Ya’ll are the shit. Thank you for keeping me humbled. Stay lifted.
Are you single, dating, or married: Single and polyamorous. I love like the sun.
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