October 2013




Name: Sarah
Age: 20 Years Old
Favorite place to smoke: Either on the beach or on the mountains when I’m snowboarding!
Favorite type/strain of weed to smoke: Sativa is my faaavorite
Favorite Marijuana Dispensary?: Tahoe Wellness Collective
Years smoked:  Since I was 14, but wow.. It seems like so much longer than that!
How many times a day do you Medicate: Hmm… too many to count >:)
Favorite way to medicate: Bong, blunts, dabs, edibles… in that order<3
Why do you feel Medical Marijuana is important:  Medical Marijuana has become safer than any prescription you can get over the counter. It helps people all around the world in so many different ways. From stress, to headaches, to cancer… medical marijuana is the cure.
White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate: Ohhh… milk chocolate most definitely :P
Spicy or Sweet:  I’m 3/4 Bolivian, so I was raised eating all kinds of chiles and different types of spices my entire life. Spicy alll the way!
Water, Juice, Beer, Liquor, or Wine: Can I throw a curve ball & choose champagne? It’s my favorite :)
Favorite Musician:Sublime
Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat eater: Carnivore. Cook me a steak & I’ll love you FOREVER.
Favorite Food: Bolivian Saltenias, they’re these amazing baked breaded pastries with spicy meat & vegetables inside. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.
Favorite Movie: The Holiday. Total chick flick, but I could watch it a million times & never get tired of it.
Favorite Book: The Crank Series by Ellen Hopkins. Amazing.
Favorite Quote: “Love is what I got.”
Who is your role model: My mom. Sounds cheesy & typical, but that woman is the most amazing human being I’ve ever met in my entire life.
What is your greatest accomplishment: Pursuing my dream to become an orthodontist! I took two years off after highshool & finally decided to make my dream come true :)
How often do you exercise: I run at least 5 times a week, it’s one of my favorite things. It clears my mind & makes me feel so good. I also looove doing yoga & pilates!
Thong, Booty Shorts, or Boxers: Thongs while I’m in public, booty shorts when I’m at home :)
If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive who would it be?: MARILYN MONROE. Obsessed is an understatement.
Favorite color: I’m the girliest girl you’ll ever meet… Pink <3
Favorite joke?: “Dyslexic man walks into a bra.”
Where in the world do you live: Reno, Nevada!
Memorable moment in your life: I travelled to New York City all by myself for a music festival called Electric Zoo. Best week of my life!
Fun fact about yourself?: I absolutely love snowboarding! I just started getting good at hitting the park last season, I can’t wait to get better & better. One of my unrealistic dreams would to become a pro-snowboarder(:
Bio: I’ve moved 22 times in my life so far! I was born & raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve lived all over AZ & California. The coolest places I’ve lived were Catalina Island and South Lake Tahoe, CA. I hiiiiighly recommend visiting both places ;D
Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans: After my old IG account got to 10k, then got deleted… I was SO over instagram. I hated it. Then I decided to start a new account & since then, I have truly connected with so man of my followers. I think the marijuana community on Instagram is one of the most supportive out there, it’s pretty awesome feeling so many good vibes from people all around the world. I love all of my followers :)
Are you single, dating, or married: Single!
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Mobile Device:  Iphone











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