The Marijuana Models™ Announces June Model of the Month and Launches Website

June 5, 2013

Marijuana Models™ announced their June 2013 Model of the Month (MOTM) on June 1. “MarijuanaRollModels” as she is known on Instagram, has been crowned the June 2013 MOTM after hundreds of fans voted on the Marijuana Models™ website. MarijuanaRollModels will receive an MOTM T-shirt that’s not available for sale in the company’s apparel line, extra features on the company’s daily-updated photo gallery, and her own page on View her page to learn more about her: how many times a day does she medicate, what is she going to school for, and how many grams can she dab in one bong hit?

The announcement of the Model of the Month candidates kicked off the launch of the Marijuana Models™ new website. Fans who went to the site to vote for their favorite beautifully blazed lady could also go view the model gallery with an archive dating back to August 2012, head over to the strain reviews, view fan photos, submit their own photos to be a Marijuana Model™, browse the shop, and buy any of the 24 different shirt designs available to both women and men.

About Marijuana Models™

Marijuana Models is a community of female medical marijuana users. Conceived in Beverly Hills, CA, in 2011, Marijuana Models™ strives to spread awareness about the positive nature of medical marijuana and to show the beauty of the women who use it. What began as an Instagram feed of beautifully blazed women who wanted to be featured with marijuana-related materials, Marijuana Models™ has now grown into an apparel company for both women and men. As of June 2013, more than 14,000 people follow Marijuana Models™ through social media. The message of medical marijuana awareness and the beauty of all women is reaching fans worldwide. On the first of every month, a new Model of the Month will be crowned. The current Model of the Month can be seen at:

To learn more about the Marijuana Models™, please contact:

Marijuana Models™

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