September 2013




Name: Vanessa
Age: 22
Favorite place to smoke: At The Beach xox
Favorite type/strain of weed to smoke: Afghani indica hybrid & Hindu Kush
Years smoked: 8
How many times a day do you Medicate: 3-6
Favorite way to medicate: Backwoods, Blunts & Bongs
Why do you feel Medical Marijuana is important: I feel Medical Marijuana is important because it truly helps a lot of people with medical problems. For me, sleep deprivation and anxiety. For others its cancer etc. It helps relieve stress and calms the nerves. I would rather kick back with some good friends, great weed then go out partying and drinking anytime :)
White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate <3 <3 Spicy or Sweet: Spicy baby
Water, Juice, Beer, Liquor, or Wine: KOOL-AID
Favorite Musician: Don’t have a favourite but top are : Eminem, Biggie, Usher, Drake, Weezy, 50 cent, QUEEN <3 <3 Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat eater: M.E.A.T
Favorite Food: Slow cooked roast pork lol
Favorite Movie: Liar Liar
Favorite Book: 50 shades of grey
Favorite Quote: My Goals are greater then My Struggles <3 Who is your role model: God
What is your greatest accomplishment: Beating the odds, making something of myself. Graduated High school & college. Full time job :)
How often do you exercise: As often as i can, Feel Good. Look Better ;)
Thong, Booty Shorts, or Boxers: Thongs
If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive who would it be?: God
Favorite color: PINK <3 Favorite joke?:Things you can’t hurry:  1. Love 2. Time 3. The elderly 4. A good shit
Where in the world do you live: BEST PLACE ON EARTH – CANADA-
Memorable moment in your life: Mini Concert at a small town hall in the country for singing
Bio: Im a Canadian Cannabis Girl <3 Blonde Blue eyes. 5,5. Happily taken for 6 years. I Love traveling, dancing and jamming with my good people. Smoking that mary-jane and listening to Music. Work hard play hard. I love it, it's a beautiful struggle. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans: Thank you to everyone who Voted! Means so much to me! I’m proud to be your September Model of the Month <3 Stay Blazed Beautifuls Are you single, dating, or married: Married
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Mobile Device: #TeamIphone

And-the-September-Model-of-the-Month-is....-@VeeSweetness-Your-shirt-and-stickers-will-be-on-their-w And-the-September-Model-of-the-Month-is....-@VeeSweetnessYour-shirt-and-stickers-will-be-on-their-wa







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